The Fresh Market: Flavors of Italy!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know food is the way to my heart. Dining out, cooking, baking — I love it all! That’s why I’m SO excited to be teaming up with The Fresh Market for today’s post. The Fresh Market has been my go-to since we moved to Tampa, and for good reason. Its focus on providing fresh and delicious food along with the friendliest service makes it the ultimate shopping experience – and why you’ll find me roaming this specialty food store two to three times a week 😉

This month, The Fresh Market is hosting “Flavors of Italy” to celebrate the country’s yummy flavors and beloved cuisine. Throughout the store, guests will find inspiration from hand-picked Italian classics to help you create easy and delicious meals for any day of the week!

To help celebrate “Flavors of Italy,” I whipped up a special Italian meal for my little family using the freshest ingredients from The Fresh Market. On the menu: Radicchio, Fennel, and Olive Panzanella, and Spaghetti Carbonara. Thank you to Bon Appétit and Damn Delicious for these incredible and family-approved recipes!

I continue to be so impressed with TFM’s fresh produce and signature baked-goods! I can always rely on them for a good loaf of bread to bring home, or treating myself to the most delicious sweets from their bakery 😉

When it comes to Parmigiano Reggiano, you know you’re getting the BEST. Theirs is aged a minimum of 18 months before it’s evaluated to ensure it meets the highest standards of export quality. Those that pass the inspection are given a seal and the wheels are left to carefully mature in Italy for a minimum of 24 months. Only the highest quality wheels are shipped to The Fresh Market’s stores so basically, a cheese-lover’s dream (insert all the heart eye emojis)!

The Fresh Market’s artisan pasta is in a league of its own. A delicacy that comes from the Bartolini family, pasta is slowly dried into sturdy shapes to hold your most favorite sauce. It’s easy to see why this enterprise is going 150 years strong!

Gathering around the dinner table is such an important part of my family’s everyday routine – to catch up, share stories, and to eat WELL. What I love about The Fresh Market is that it inspires me to make each meal an experience, and one my family will never forget. Go for fresh, go for quality, and step out of your comfort zone – you’d be surprised at how delicious things can get 😉

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