Let’s Catch up! March Recap

April is one of my favorite months and mainly because my birthday’s coming up 🙂 By now, most of you probably know I have a twin sister (in case you don’t, surprise!) and our birthday is something that’s particularly special to us, especially when we get to spend it together. Last year’s celebration was one for the books so I’m excited to say she’ll be flying down to Tampa next week to do it all again! I. CAN’T. WAIT.

So before I dive into April, I wanted to share all the highlights from March! It was such a fun month and one that really flew by. How are we already in Spring of 2017?!

If you ever find your way down to Florida around March, take advantage of all the strawberry farms and pick your own! We stumbled upon Favorite Farms in Dover, FL, and I’m so happy we did. We had the best time walking through the farm and picking what I believe to be the most delicious strawberries we’ve ever had.

Don’t these strawberries look incredible? You only had to pay 50 cents for a quart!

Guys, I’ve been OBSESSED with wearing hats lately. I never used to like them on me, but I think all of it had to do with fit and shape. Once I figured out what looked best, I can’t stop, WON’T STOP. My current favorite has been this wide brim boater hat from Morning Lavender — so affordable, and so cute!

Cam has been rocking her fair share of hats too! I love how cute she looks in this floppy hat; it kept the sun off her face as well.

And you can’t have strawberries without strawberry shortcake, am I right? I was determined to make biscuits from scratch because let’s face it, the sponge cake you get from the stores just don’t cut it for me. These came out PERFECT and exactly how I like them — buttery, not too sweet, and the texture goes great with strawberries and ice cream 🙂 I highly recommend this recipe!

We spent a couple of days at Universal Studios with our 2-day pass! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter was a must and worth the hype, especially if you’re a fan. We didn’t get too many photos in, but I promise you won’t regret it. 🙂

Cam is getting so comfortable in the water these days! We had her first swim class the other day and she was a natural — it helped having her in the pool with us weeks prior 🙂

And you know I can’t get go a month without seeing my girl, Jenn! We had quite the seafood feast at Timpano’s in Hyde Park Village and it was worth EVERY bite. It was a bustling spot and the live music was amazing!

Pan-seared scallops, mussels, salmon poke, TRUFFLED mac and cheese, and fresh oysters were a few of our favorite things. So basically, we loved all of it 😉

And lastly, we made our way down to St. Petersburg to catch up with our friend, Joe! I always forget how much I enjoy this side of the bridge. This particular weekend they were having a Seafood Festival (I’m into seafood, clearly) and it was so fun! And not to mention, delicious. They had quite a few vendors so you had many options to choose from.

Of course Joe suggested gelato afterwards and who am I to turn that down? Guys, the fact I’m just discovering Paciugo Gelato now makes me so sad! Located on Beach Drive, it was hands down, one of the best I’ve had. You get to taste test all the flavors your heart desires and my heart chose pistachio! Pistachio was never a favorite of mine, but this particular one was unlike any other. SO GOOD. Please, just go there.

Look how big Cam is getting! Each month is flying by and before we know it, we’ll be headed off to Kansas. Two months left, guys! Savoring every moment we have here for sure.

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