Fourteen Facts

Hi guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend. My sister was in town to celebrate our belated birthday and it was the BEST. I’ll be recapping all the fun in a post soon, but today I thought I’d share some photos from a recent shoot I had with my super talented friend, Sara of Sara Magnolia and @thestudiomagnolia!

I was also recently tagged by my sweet mama friend @simplystph, to share 14 facts about myself. I loved getting to know more about her and excited to keep this tag going!

1. For breakfast, banana and almond butter is my go-to and I pretty much have it everyday. But if I’m out for brunch, I have to get both a sweet and savory option, and my weakness is french toast. Oops I think I just gave three facts in one lol.

2. I own very few pairs of shoes that aren’t nude-colored. My hubby likes to ask me when I’ll stop buying “tan shoes.” The answer is never!

3. Most of my friends know me as Jen (Jenny if you knew me in college!), but my husband and family know me as Jennifer.

4. Dancing is {sadly} not my strong suit.

5. I lived in Japan for a year (that’s how my blog started!).

6. The hubs and I had a long-distance relationship, and visited each other only 5 times before we got engaged, then were engaged for a week before we got married 🙂

7. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect white tee and have too many to count.

8. I wear two different shoe sizes – my left is a 7 and my right is a 5 1/2. I don’t know why and I don’t know how, but if you have an answer, please let me know! Thankfully, Nordstrom is able to accommodate my life-long issue 🙂

9. Practical gifts are my favorite.

10. I tend to buy things “just in case” and then get way too excited when it comes in handy lol.

11. I DIYed the centerpieces for my wedding. You can see them here!

12. I’m an awful writer and write the way I speak. You have no idea how often I’ve been told by my teachers to “dig deeper.” Now I have a blog, life’s kind of funny 🙂

13. I write left-handed, but do a lot with my right!

14. When my sister and I were born, it took awhile for my parents to choose our names so we were initially named Girl #1 and Girl #2.  I was #2 since I was born second 🙂

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn more about me! I’ve fallen in love with blogging again and really enjoy giving you all a glimpse into my life!

p.s. This dress has been on major repeat lately. I first saw it on my blogging babe, Janna of and I had to have it. The fit is literally perfect and SO comfy. Not to mention, it has pockets, and you guys all know how I feel about that 😉 Check out the photos of Janna below – she’s totally rocking it!

My stunning friend, Janna!

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