Okay Kansas City, I’m officially HOOKED. The hubby and I have only just begun our adventures, but so far this city has yet to disappoint. Already a food lover’s dream (and guys, we haven’t even tried the BBQ yet!), and a paradise for all shoppers, I can’t wait to see what else is in store. And don’t worry, I plan to hit up all the coffee shops soon! You know those are my favorite 🙂

I know I’ve mentioned Historic West Bottoms in one of my vlogs, but I really felt like I had to showcase this place on its own.  A vintage lover’s dream, here you’ll find loads of antique shops filled with the most unique finds. We’ve been to this area a couple of times now, and I swear there are still so many shops we haven’t seen!

Hours of operation can be limited, BUT every month, they hold a “First Weekend” where all the most prominent and popular antique dealers open up their shops for an all-weekend event! This area is typically blocked off so customers can freely walk around with food and {alcoholic} drink in hand. If you’re not into crowds, you may want to avoid and try a different weekend. I’d recommend trying it at least once though 🙂

Where my introverts at?! You’ll definitely get the urge to buy ALL the things. If I had it my way, I would have brought home every single one of these mugs lol. Anyone else have a mug addiction? The hubby isn’t a fan of my obsession #toobadsosad

The Pink Daisy is a great store to stop in and browse. And if you’re feeling a little sluggish from all the walking, a coffee vendor is located inside the shop!

But let’s talk my favorite, Varnish + Vine. I get all the happy feels when I’m strolling through this store! So many incredible pieces that I wanted to take home with me. Sadly, we passed knowing we would be back and when we came back, this welcome mat (above) was no longer available. Oh well, wasn’t meant to be! I don’t know why I have such a thing for anything French haha.

Does this mirror look familiar? If you watch my vlogs, you know we totally brought this home with us! We were SO excited to find it was still up for grabs. Definitely negotiated the price just a tad and once that was settled, this beautiful piece became ours. I love it more and more every time I see it!

Look how big my baby is getting! Cam’s personality is certainly shining through so much lately and it’s the sweetest thing ever. I was saying to the hubby, “Isn’t it crazy to see actual emotion from her?” I can’t believe how fast time is flying!

I know there is so much more to Kansas City we haven’t even touched upon, but I am incredibly excited to see where adventure will take us. If any of you are from this area, leave me all your recommendations! Coffee shops, shopping, FOOD, I want to know it all.

Oh and if you’re curious, here’s a peek at where we placed our barnwood mirror!